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Instructions for Use (Version 1.4):

  1. Installation
    1. Install the application from google play (2.5 MB, uses about 128 MB of RAM)
    2. When you open the app, you will see the home screen. Choose a language.
    3. There is a second screen with a message that the places will be downloaded to your device. The places information is optimized and takes up little space (about 6 MB), with little network resources (using compression for transmission). Click the "Okay, show me the map" button. You can close the app or wait about two minutes according to the available network.
  2. Map - this is the well-known google maps. At the top of the screen there are three menu buttons - Search, Add Place, and Settings. There is a button to the top right for current location and to follow to route. Down right there are zoom in and zoom out buttons. When selecting a marker at the bottom to the right, there are two new icons for finding a route and opening in the google maps application.
    1. Scale - the map works in several scales: country, city, neighborhood, and places.
    2. Markers - Clicking on a marker shows a bubble of information. For each scale, the bubble displays certain information. For a country, city, and neighborhood, the corresponding number of places is displayed, and when pressed on the balloon it increases to the next level. In scale places, brief information about the place is displayed, and when pressed, a detailed place information screen opens.
    3. Place Details - In addition to place details, this screen allows you to send a new photo and inaccuracy or information.
    4. Track location. If you click the location icon, the app will move the map automatically to your current location and track your position. If you drag the map somewhere, the tracking will stop.
  3. Search - You can search by keyword(s). Below the buttons there are predefined commonly used words. When the "Filter Places" button is pressed, the map is displayed, and only the places corresponding to the filter are displayed from here on. The first icon at the top right of the filter changes to a filter indicating that it has been set. To clear the filter press the "Clear filter" button.
  4. Adding a place - The application allows the sending of a new place. This is done in three easy steps. Publishing the places is done after an administrator review.
    1. Place name - Place name is filled in, as there is a drop-down menu with previous places while writing, which makes it easier. For example, the word ATM will show all banks that are already available.
    2. Address - The phone's location feature needs to be turned on. The address is automatically determined by the current coordinates.
    3. Take a picture - Starts phone camera (panoramic photos are preferred).
    4. Add place - This button is active when all information is available. Tap it to send your new place.
  5. Settings - You can change the application language and view the current version.
  6. Place Updates - Changes in places are automatically downloaded every 24 hours with extremely low battery consumption. Newly added places are sent every 30 minutes.
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